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The Michigan Career Educator and Employer Alliance (MCEEA) invites you and your colleagues to submit a proposal to present at our 8th annual conference in Traverse City, Michigan. We are looking for 60 minute breakout session proposals that present new ideas and best practices to “Cherry Pick" talent in a competitive hiring environment. Proposals should encourage dialogue between recruiters and career educators before, during and after the conference.


June 13-15, 2018

The Great Wolf Lodge
3575 N US Highway 31 S
Traverse City, MI 49684

Theme: Cherry Pickin’ Talent


The Proposal form will require the following information:

Primary Contact Information: Full Name, Title, Organization, Phone and Email Address

Additional Presenter Information: Full Name, Title, Organization and Email Address of additional presenters

Presentation Proposal Information:

• Title of Presentation (100 characters or less)

• Presentation Description for Conference Booklet (50 words or less)

• Goals & Objectives of Presentation (100 words or less)

• Summary of Presentation (250 words or less)

• How is your professional experience and presentation topic relevant to the conference theme?


Internships | Externships | Cooperative Education

Employer Recruiting Challenges

Adapting Career Services Programming

Employer Perspective: Skills in Demand

Recruit & Retain Talent by Generations

Government | Service Employment


Career Services:  How are Career Service Centers adapting their programming and employer ‘matching’ methods to improve the hiring process given the increase of non-traditional students in the talent pipeline?

Entrepreneur: Working with the entrepreneurial student, and why entrepreneurs are important

Faculty Connections: How Career Services can help employers connect with faculty

Generational Recruiting:  Career expectations of the different generations and how to “Cherry Pick” and retain talent from each group based on preferences. Boomers (1946-64); Gen X (1965-80); Gen Y/Millennials (1981-00); Gen Z (after 2001)

Government | Service Employment: Benefits of government employment, non-profit, B Corps, etc., and working through the hiring process.

Succession Planning: Internships/Co-ops/Externships: The importance of succession planning, mentors, meaningful projects, and follow-up to improve conversion rates

Legal: Legal issues with hiring interns, co-ops, service learning, and international students

Top Skills:  What are the top (soft/technical) skills employers need from today’s students?  

*Please note this list is not all-encompassing and we welcome all ideas and topics.


The Programming Sub-committee will review and select presentations based on the following criteria:

Completeness, accuracy, clarity, and submission date* of the proposal (Round 1* given priority)

• Action and results oriented learning objectives that can realistically be met in the time allotted

• Clear, specific, and informative content and linkage of content to learning objectives

• Content that is current and practical or cutting edge relevant to the organization

• Presenters with expertise in the topic area

• Creativity in session design and delivery

Notification of proposal selection by Friday, April 13, 2018

If you have questions, please email one of the members listed below:

Andrea Mill: amill@oakland.edu • 248.370.3215

Vicki Choka: vchoka@ncmich.edu • 231.348.6705


The Planning Committee encourages proposals from organizations representing diverse points of view.

Proposals will be selected on the basis of information submitted. Presenters, session titles, and content are expected to correspond to the proposal. Any speaker substitutions, deletions, or additions must be submitted to the program sub-committee no later than two weeks prior to the start of the conference.

The MCEEA conference programming committee will determine the day and time of presentations.

Proposals that include small group discussion and application exercises are strongly encouraged.

Presenters should bring a jump drive of their presentation. A laptop, projector, screen, speakers and two handheld microphones will be available in each presentation room. Presenters do not need to bring their own laptops. MacBook owners will need to bring a VGA adapter in order to connect to the projector. 

As a nonprofit educational association, MCEEA does not provide honoraria for presentations given at the Annual Conference. Presenters must cover all of their individual travel and accommodation expenses along with their registration fee(s).

MCEEA conference programs are noncommercial. Therefore the use of brand names and/or the endorsement of specific products is prohibited. Under no circumstances should the conference podium be used as a place for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service, or monetary self-interest. Presenters also must refrain from overt statements, harsh language, or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of an individual or group.

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