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Welcome to MCEEA’s Faces on Campus campaign!

Over the next year – we will be highlighting the career educators and employers who make up our great organization. Each week we will pay tribute to the individuals who devote their lives to helping students take that key first step into their professional career and the employers who welcome and develop them into the professionals they will become.

We hope you enjoy the insights, stories, and laughs of the people of MCEEA.

Troy Kase

Director of the Career and Internship Center at Albion College.

Anne Gaertner

Senior Director of Employer Relations and Internships with Cornerstone’s Traditional and Undergraduate studies division.

Hannah Wagner

Student at Saginaw Valley State University. Former MCEEA Social Media Intern with a focus on Marketing and Event Support.

Chad Austin

Career Services Officer. Chad began his tenure at Henry Ford College in the summer of 2009.

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