2017 MCEEA Annual Conference Schedule of Events

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Wednesday, June 14

2:00pm to 5:00pm Downtown Detroit and Beyond Tour optional (additional cost limited to 30 people) Hotel Lobby

4:00pm-6:30pm Registration and Information

5:30pm to 7:30pm Early Bird Cocktail Reception Hermes Room 1st Floor

7:10pm  Detroit Tigers Game optional (All tickets have been pre-ordered and will be available at the reception)

Thursday, June 15

7:30am-5:00pm                Registration and Information

7:30am-8:45am                Breakfast Location: International Ballroom 8th Floor

8:45am-9:00am                Welcome

9:00am-10:00am        Keynote         Jacques Panis, President Shinola

Concurrent Sessions - Thursday, June 15  10:15am-11:30am        

Breakout #1 - Equipping Students for a Gig Economy
Location: Aphrodite 1st floor Seating  Capacity: 50 

Presenters: Christine Beamer, Director of Career Services and Music Entrepreneurship } Talitha Wimberly, Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs

Michigan State University College of Music

Description: Within the next decade, students in many majors may encounter labor markets that will involve independent contracting, freelancing, and other entrepreneurial activity. This session will explore two questions: how can career advisors help students cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in early stage purpose and awareness exploration and invite academic advisors to be partners in this process? How can that mindset prepare students for portfolio career models and broaden their understanding of the pathways from college to career?


  1. Participants will practice 2-3 purpose-based exploration activities to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  2. Participants will learn 5 tips for incorporating the discussion of portfolio careers into career and academic advising to support recruitment and retention and discuss how these tips can be scaled to fit their institutions
  3. Participants will receive qualitative evidence from preliminary research into the impact of entry-level career development courses on student perceptions of entrepreneurial career paths and on student academic exploration and success.

Audience:  College/University Career Educators |  Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

 Breakout #2-Transformative Space: Industry-Academic Partnerships for Career and Identity Mentoring of Student Veterans
Location: Sophocles 2nd Floor Seating  Capacity: 30

Presenter(s): Barton Buechner, Professor Adler University | Steven Lipnicki, Assistant Dean of Students, Grand Valley State University | Melinda Kollins, Michigan Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)

Description: Like many nontraditional students, returning veterans do not necessarily align well with career services programs (including job fairs) that are designed primarily for those with little or no career experience. This workshop offers an alternative to basic transition support by envisioning truly transformative forms of academic and industry mentoring partnerships. We provide several current examples of academic-industry partnerships in Michigan and elsewhere, and invite a conversation on how to start-and grow these initiatives.


  1.  Learn new ways to think about the way that nontraditional students engage in identity change in higher education, and the role of mentors (of various backgrounds and disciplines) in this process.
  2. Gain insights from transformative learning theory to help align campus and corporate resources (academic and administrative) to support reflective personal growth and clarify future roles and goals
  3. Examine several existing pilot programs in industry-academic partnering for veterans hiring and engage in an interactive discussion about applying them in schools and business of participants

Audience:   Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |  Senior and experienced practitioners 

Breakout #3 SPuRS: Best Practice for Becoming a Front-Runner in Career Readiness and Student Engagement

Location: Hermes 1st Floor Seating Capacity: 50

Presenter(s):Geralyn Heystek, Director, Zhang Career Center | Danielle Field, Program Manager, SPuRS

Western Michigan University Zhang Career Center

Description: How do you keep students engaged throughout their undergraduate experience? SPuRS is our framework for students to get involved and stay engaged first year through graduation. We will share results on how SPuRS has guided students in identifying their career passions, major selection and motivated personal investment in their professional future. Help students saddle up, grab the reins and become the most excellent version of themselves, after all, this is their rodeo!


  1. Attendees will learn about results from the first year of program implementation (including a student focused video).
  2. Participants will leave the presentation with a framework for co-curricular engagement and an example of a progress report demonstrating how students can document and communicate extracurricular activities to promote what they have learned.
  3. Participants will engage in an interactive exercise exploring work ethic behavior.  This exercise serves as an example of the types of activities business students are engaging in as they progress through the program and earn their SPuRS.
Audience:   Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |  Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.
    Breakout #4 Know You, Grow You
    Location: Euripides  2nd Floor Seating Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s): Vicki Choka, Corporate & Community Education North Central Michigan College

    Description: This workshop correlates to that of a Bonsai Tree.  Participants will be challenged to look deeply into who they are today as a professional.  They can self determine how accountable they are in the workplace, and make a choice to be a positive contributor, manager, leader, or some combination thereof.  Through small group discussions they will share their role, and how they contribute in that role. (10 Minutes)
    Participation in interactive exercises will have them list “Boss” characteristics, to clarify their preferences. (10 Minutes)

    During an individual activity they will be stimulated to draw “Leadership”.  (10 Minutes);  Working in teams they will share, best and worst engagement activities, walking away with potential new ideas of what to do or not to do. (10 Minutes); In partners, they will describe their unparalleled coaching moment from someone who’s had a significant impact on their lives, and why it was so powerful. (10 Minutes)


    1. Participants should be able to Understand their role and responsibility
    2. Illustrate the differences between a Manager and Leader
    3. Provide Appreciative and Constructive Feedback
    Audience:Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters | Topic of general interest, no specific experience required 

      12:00pm-1:45pm     Lunch / Keynote         Diane Antishin , VP Human Resources DTE Energy International Ballroom 8th floor

    Concurrent Sessions  - Thursday, June 15 2:00pm - 3:00pm

    Breakout #5 Creating a Community of Co-ops / Interns in Detroit

    Location: Hermes 1st Floor Seating Capacity: 50

    Presenter(s):Kyle Liechty Co-op / Intern Coordinator, Michigan State University | College of Engineering | Kerry Doman, Founder & CEO| After 5 

    Description: The session will take MCEEA attendees through the creation and implementation of the MSU Engineering Detroit Semester, highlighting the benefits of extended involvement regionally in the State of Michigan (both off- and on-campus), program creation / planning / resourcing, community and non-profit partnerships, benefits of the course (financially and academically) to students / employers / and the university, and the expansion of the program to 3 other cities in 2017.


    1. Participants will get an inside look on the implementation and growth of regionally focused intern / co-op engagement programs in the State of Michigan.
    2. Human Resources / Recruiters will learn and discuss creative ways to collaborate with each other to enhance intern programs as a community, rather than sole employer.
    3. University Educators will learn and discuss ways to enhance the internship experience for their students, while engaging with students and companies directly through site visits, professional development events, volunteer projects, mixers, and presentations that bring students together throughout their semester away from campus.
    Audience:   Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |    Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

    Breakout #6- Introduction to DTE Energy's IT Co-Op Program

    Location: Aphrodite 1st floor Seating  Capacity: 50

    Presenter(s): Jaison Busby, Manager DTE Energy

    Description: DTE Energy's IT Co-Op program uses creative and innovative methods of recruiting and mentoring students as well as proving best practices and tips that can be adopted by other organizations. The presenters will also share information on opportunities available to college students.


    1. Participants will be able to learn more about DTE's IT Co-Op program
    2. Participants will learn more about opportunities available to college students with an IT focus
    Audience:   Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |    Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

     Breakout #7Showcasing Student Success: How to Collect and Market Stories to Engage University Community/Campus Partners

    Location: Sophocles 2nd Floor Seating  Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s): Amy Ring Cebelak, Career Consultant | Kelly Dorner, Associate Director | Kaitlyn Barbas, Marketing and Events Coordinator 

    Oakland University Career Services

    Description: Are you looking for ways to streamline the process of collecting and sharing career-related success stories of your students? We will provide details on the centralized approach we developed to collect the success stories of students from all disciplines at OU, leading to a 200% increase in stories collected during one semester! We will also cover the variety of platforms used to share these success stories to engage academic partners and the OU community.


    1. Attendees will be able to utilize and/or adapt methods for collecting students' career-related success stories.
    2.  Attendees will be able to showcase students' success in a variety of platforms in order to share results with academic partners and university community.
    3.  Attendees will be able to use success stories when promoting the benefits of Career Services to better engage students at their universities.
    Audience: College/University Career Educators - Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

    Breakout #8 Intersecting Passion and Opportunity: Career Planning for Today’s Economy

    Location: Euripides  2nd Floor Seating Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s): Nannette McCleary, University Counselor-Career Planning Wayne State University

    Description: Today’s demanding and ever-changing job market provides unique challenges for career professionals. How can we recommend following personal passion, when ability and opportunity might not be there?  Job security no longer comes from the job, but from an individual’s ability to continually engage in activities that add value to the world of work. This interactive presentation explores strategies for helping our students connect to their passions while identifying viable options within the career exploration process.


    1. Participants will discuss and outline passion as critical component in engaging students in the career planning process.
    2. Participants will review employment trends as they relate to creating career opportunities in today’s economy.
    3. Participants will receive practical strategies that help students connect to their true passion in the career exploration process.
    Audience:Prior knowledge and experience required |College/University Career Educators

    Concurrent Sessions - Thursday, June 15 3:15pm-4:30pm

    Breakout #9- Brick by Brick: Building long lasting relationships for successful on-campus recruiting

    Location: Aphrodite 1st floor Seating  Capacity: 50

    Presenter:Steve Bohus, Corporate RecruiterAuto-Owners Insurance Company

    Description: Identifying and attracting high-caliber college talent is a challenge for any recruiter.  How can we find students and how can we get them interested in our companies?  Career Service professionals can be invaluable partners, but where should you even start? 

    In this session we will explore building and nurturing relationships with college and universities.  You will learn how to establish an on-campus presence, foster existing relationships, and develop long term goals that will ensure the success and mutual benefit for both the employer and the institution.


    1. Participants will be able to identify best practices of college/university recruiting
    2. Participants will gain understanding of methods for nurturing relationships with Colleges & Universities
    3. Participants will learn to identify needs of an institution and add value when recruiting

    Audience:  Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |  Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

    Breakout #10- Internships 201
    Location: Sophocles 2nd Floor Seating  Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s):Cindy Brown, Executive Director, Hello West Michigan | Brandi Melkild, Regional Internship Manager, Davenport University,  Rachel Becklin, Associate Director, Career Center, Internship Specialist, Grand Valley State University

    Description: Gaining a competitive edge in the global economy demands an overall strategy.  Regardless of size, businesses with a strategy that includes a pipeline of talent through the development and administration of an effective internship program will have a leg up on their competitors.    Hear what other businesses are doing to improve and enhance their current offering and share best practices with others.  This interactive session will be facilitated by the West Michigan Internship Initiative. 


    • Designed for those with an established program, participants will hear about new ideas, ways to improve enhance the current offering and share best practices with others.
    • Participants will hear about ways to build their employer brand and implement ways to enhance their internship job descriptions.
    Audience:     Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |  Prior knowledge and experience required
    Breakout #11-The Opportunity For Businesses to Fill Unmet Talent Needs Through International Student Talent

    Location: Hermes 1st Floor Seating Capacity: 50

    Presenter(s):Steve Tobocman, Executive Director | Gracie Xavier, Director-Global Talent Retention Initiative Global Detroit

    Description: Hiring an international student is an investment in Michigan’s economic future. As Michigan’s economy continues to grow, talent shortages are a top concern for many employers. Michigan is currently experiencing a severe shortage of qualified engineering and IT talent—there are five engineering positions for each qualified job applicant. For Michigan to maintain its economic growth, we need to attract more advanced degree talent in these fields.

    While international students are much more likely than domestic students to study in critical STEM fields, there are untapped opportunities to connect this talent pool to the unmet talent needs of local employers. Michigan employers should take advantage of the already-integrated pool of young, highly-skilled, international talent graduating from local universities.


    1. Participants will learn about various ways to fill the talent gap by incorporating international students into their talent pipelines.
    2. Participants will be able to identify the economic regional impacts of international student talent to our region.
    3.  Participants will learn the process of evaluating OPT data and how that data can support universities’ strategies to engage with employers to incorporate international student talent to their talent strategies.
    Audience: Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters  | Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.
    Breakout #12 - Finding Your Inches:  Building Inclusion Into Career Services
    Location: Euripides  2nd Floor Seating Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s):Shelagh Saenz, Director of Career Development, University of Michigan School of Public Health | Regina Storrs, Director of Career Services, University of Michigan - Dearborn

    Description: Colleges and Universities need to be more diverse and inclusive - but how can career centers contribute towards these efforts?  Diversity, equity and inclusion are key elements in higher education, the workforce and within our own office culture.  Learn about a model that can transform office culture and enhance inclusion efforts in practical and sustainable ways.  Through small group discussions, share ideas and strategies on how to implement inclusive techniques in our everyday services to better prepare a diverse student community for the workforce.


    1. Expand your knowledge on benefits, challenges and critical issues in the employment and hiring process surrounding diversity in the workforce.
    2. Gain the insight you need to build a welcoming and inclusive career office for students.
    3. Learn key strategies and practical steps to build up inclusive practices into everyday services.
    Audience: College/University Career Educators  | Prior knowledge and experience required.

    5:00pm-5:30pm                Cocktail Reception Balcony - International Ballroom  8th Floor

    5:30pm-7pm                      Awards Banquet International Ballroom 8th Floor

    Friday, June 16

    7:30am-10:00am              Registration and Information

    7:45am-9:00am                Breakfast International Ballroom 8th Floor

    9:00am-10:00am        Keynote  Andrew Humphrey, Meteorologist WDIV-Detroit 


    Concurrent Sessions - Friday June 16 10:00am-11:00am

    Breakout #13 - Keeping Talent in Michigan while providing Cultural Purpose by Revitalizing Urban Core
    Location: Aphrodite 1st floor Seating  Capacity: 50

    Presenter(s):John Fikany, VP, Development Quicken Loans

    Description: Quicken Loans ranks as the #1 Best Place to Work in IT for 4 straight years (ComputerWorld), #2 Best Place to work for Millennials (GreatPlaceToWork.com), #1 Best Place to Work for African-Americans (Essence), #5 Best Place to Work in 2016 (Fortune). QL attracts the best talent in the midst of an Urban Core Revitalization in Detroit by messaging our four key pillars:  1) Powered by Purpose 2) Driven by You 3) Insistently Different 4) Distinctly Detroit


    1. Participants will learn how Quicken Loans is keeping talent in Detroit by revitalizing the Urban Core
    2. Participants will learn how building an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) gives a competitive edge in the fight for brain power
    Audience:   Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |      Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.
    Breakout #14-Employment Immigration Options for International Students 
    Location: Sophocles 2nd Floor Seating  Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s): Tracy Schauff Senior Attorney    |  Melissa B. Winkler,Attorney    Fakhoury Global Immigration 

    Description: Immigration issues and developments have always been a crucial component of the International Student’s considerations when developing a career plan. Educators should be aware of how to explain various immigration options and the fundamental timelines that correspond with those possibilities. This will include a discussion on CPT, OPT, immigration options for employment including the H-1B visa, and potential options for immigrant entrepreneurs.

    Educators should also be able to advise students on their rights and responsibilities when it comes to the employment process. Finally, under the new administration, we anticipate several changes in the immigration industry which may impact students and are expected and potentially pose greater challenges for employers with a foreign national workforce. In order to avoid potential risks and legal pitfalls, it is necessary to be updated and knowledgeable of the recent developments and trends in immigration and other applicable laws.

    This presentation will provide educators with immigration options in a succinct and easy-to-understand format that they can convey to their students. The presentation will also convey an in-depth analysis of the recent developments in immigration under the new administration. Speakers will highlight the latest trends and legal issues surrounding this significant topic. Speakers will also provide practical tips and strategies to avoid or minimize unnecessary risks and legal challenges.


    1.  Participants will learn about the most common immigration options and paths for employment both during and after graduation. This will include a discussion on CPT, OPT, and STEM OPT. Also, we will cover opportunities for full-time employment including H-1B visas or other options. Finally, we will cover options for start-ups or entrepreneurs.
    2.  Participants will glean information regarding the rights and responsibilities for international students when they are receiving employer sponsorship including non-discrimination rules pertaining to employers and how to convince the employer to “take a chance.
    3.   Participants will understand the important timeline considerations and long-term planning tactics for their employment based immigration strategy
    4. Participants will receive information regarding the updates and potential updates to immigration under the Trump Administration.   
     Audience :(Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |Senior and experienced practitioners. 
    Breakout #15- Detroit Technology Exchange (DTX) "Launch Detroit" Student Entrepreneurial Program

    Presenter(s):Paul Riser, Managing Director, Tech-Based Entrepreneurship | Betsy Creedon, Director of Entrepreneurial Services

    TechTown Detroit / Wayne State University

    Description: TechTown’s DTX Launch Detroit is a 10-week, intensive, student-focused, summer accelerator program that recruits Michigan college students and recent graduates who are willing to build a tech-based venture or business in the state of Michigan. DTX Launch Detroit helps students understand the work involved in transforming an idea into a business. Over the past four years, the program has worked with a very diverse group of students to help with designing, testing and evaluating their value proposition; conducting considerable amounts of customer discovery, matching the solution to the needs of their market; building a coachable and collaborative team and pitching their company to investors or potential customers.


    1. Participants will be able to learn from a unique student focused entrepeneurial program that helps students build great tech startups and bolsters their professional, transferrable skills
    2. Participants will be able to understand the dynamics, methods of support and impact of a student focused entrepreneur program that collaborates with over a dozen (12+) state universities and institutions of higher learning

    Audience:  Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters | Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

    Breakout #16 - Business Solutions for recruiting and Retaining Individuals with Disabilities
    Location: Euripides  2nd Floor Seating Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s): Vicki Wright and Maureen Webster Michigan Rehabilitation Services - Business unit (MRS-BNU)

    Description:Learn about customized business solutions available to assist you in understanding and implementing WIOA legislation. Subject matter experts from MRS will provide free consultation services and information on to determine reasonable accommodations, recruitment/retention solutions, and assist you in building partnerships to meet your specific needs. These services work to ensure that your environment is inclusive for students and workers of all abilities.


    1. To incorporate education, awareness, and support available to individuals, training institutions and businesses with regards to training and employment of individuals with disabilities;
    2. To empower audience members from training facilities, businesses, or service organizations to utilize resources and build partnerships to resolve concerns, issues, or celebrate successes within the WIOA requirements.
    3. To gain understanding of the support available specific to their unique and custom needs.
    AudienceHuman Resources/Recruiters | Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

    Concurrent Sessions - Friday, June 16 11:15 to 12:15pm  

    Breakout #17 - DTE Energy's Employment Brand Journey

    Presenter(s):Scott Miller, Manager - Talent Acquisition DTE Energy

    Location: Aphrodite 1st Floor Seating Capacity: 50

    Description: DTE Energy’s aspiration is to be the best–operated energy company in North America and a force for growth and prosperity in the communities where we live and serve. For thousands of DTE employees, this is more than just a job.  Managing a large, complex operation like DTE Energy requires a high skilled workforce.  In order to attract skilled talent, the company embarked on an exercise to realize our value proposition to our current and future employees.   To help with this process, we partnered with a recruitment marketing firm to help us understand and realize our employment brand.   This presentation highlights our journey. 


    1. Understand why this topic is so important to employers
    2. Educators and HR Recruiters must look at their jobs as marketers
    Audience:   Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters |     Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.
    Breakout #18-Leveraging Skilled Immigrants to Close the STEM Gap: How You Can Recruit Work-Authorized Immigrants for Those Hard-to-Fill Positions
    Location: Hermes 1st Floor Seating Capacity: 50

     Presenter(s): Annie Fenton, Program Director, Michigan Int’l Talent Solutions (MITS) Program

    Michigan Office for New Americans, MI Dept of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    Description:Currently, there are more than 96,000 job openings across Michigan. Is one of them yours? Each day Michigan employers struggle to find the best candidates for their positions, and many complain that finding qualified STEM talent is even harder. Did you know that there is a virtually untapped pool of engineers, IT professionals, and business/finance professionals who are work-ready and do not require visa sponsorship? Learn more!


    1. Participants will be able to identify the 5 top reasons to consider hiring a refugee or immigrant for their next STEM opening and will learn about the best way to find and recruit a pipeline of skilled immigrants in Michigan.
    2. Participants will learn skills for becoming an internal champion for diversifying recruitment protocol--and communicating the benefits to hiring managers--to support the selection of highly-skilled and work-authorized immigrants to fill key positions.
    3. Participants will learn about best practices regarding the selection, onboarding, and training of skilled immigrants in a professional workplace setting.

    AudienceHuman Resources/Recruiters | Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.

    Breakout #19 - Career Services Annual Report - A Recruitment tool that promotes a Career Culture
    Location: Euripides  2nd Floor Seating Capacity: 30

    Presenter(s):Steve Patchin, Director - Career Services

    Michigan Technological University

    Description: Michigan Tech’s Career Services Annual Report has transformed from documenting strictly first destination data to one that tells the story of our students and how they acquire career competencies so sought after by recruiters. For potential students it also serves as a roadmap on how to acquire these competencies during their collegiate experience. Participants will leave this session with their own vision of how to tell their students unique journey to career competence!


    1. Participants will be able to identify elements of their own career culture.
    2. Participants will be able to able to be able to tell the story of their students and how they acquire NACE career competencies.
    Audience:   Both Career Educators & HR/Recruiters -  Topic of general interest, no specific experience required.
     Breakout #20- TBD

    12:30pm to 1:45pm Lunch International Ballroom 8th floor  

    Friday, June 16 1:00pm Panel Discussion - Innovative ideas for Developing a Global Workforce in Michigan

    Friday, June 16 2:00pm - MCEEA Business Meeting/2018 Conference                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    For assistance with conference registration contact Elissa Clemons

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