Article VII - Executive Board

The governing body shall be known as the Executive Board.

Section 7.1 - Responsibilities of Executive Board
The Executive Board shall administer the operations of the Alliance in accordance to the by-laws.

Section 7.2 - Executive Board Positions
The Executive Board (also referred to as Board) consists of the following positions:
Elected Officers: President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President - Employers, Vice President - Higher Education, Immediate Past President, Volunteer/Appointed Positions: Special Interest Liaisons, Regional Representatives, and Standing Committee Chairs.

Section 7.3 - Eligibility

a. Executive Board members must be a paid organizational representative in good standing.
b. Candidates are encouraged to serve at least one year in a volunteer/appointed position on the board prior to running for an elected office.

Section 7.4 - Vacancies
If an elected position goes unfilled the elections committee will recommend a candidate to the Executive Board. The Executive Board must approve the recommendation for the candidate to take office.
Section 7.5 - Terms of Office
a. The terms of the President, President Elect, and Immediate Past President are for one year and commence with the conclusion of the annual meeting/conference. The individual elected to serve as President Elect will serve as an Officer for a three year term. The first year as President Elect, the second year as President, and the third year as Immediate Past President.
b. The terms of the Vice President - Employer, Vice President - Higher Education, Secretary, and Treasurer are two years and commence at the conclusion of the annual meeting/conference.
c. The terms for Standing Committee Chairs, Regional Representatives, and Special Interest Liaisons are for one year with the option for consecutive terms without limitation.

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