Article IX - Elections

Section 9.1 - Nominations/Elections Committee

a. Under the direction of the Immediate Past President, form a committee two months prior to the annual meeting/conference
b. Identify Board positions that require a nomination for the subsequent term of office
c. Prepare and distribute a "Call for Nomination" to the membership
d. Verify nominee qualifications and willingness to run for nominated office
e. Prepare and distribute a ballot to membership
f. Compile and announce ballot results
g. Distribute a request to membership for volunteers to serve as Regional Representatives, Committee Chairs or Special Interest Liaisons
h. Announce volunteer position results

Section 9.2 - Election Procedure
a. A "Call for Nomination" to serve on the Executive Board will be sent out to all members two months prior to the annual meeting/conference
b. Ballots will be sent to all members one month prior to the annual meeting/conference
c. There will be only one vote per organization
d. Election results will be announced at the annual meeting/conference
e. If an elected position goes unfilled the elections committee will recommend a candidate to the Executive Board. The Executive Board must approve the recommendation for the candidate to take office
f. Newly elected officers shall begin their term at the conclusion of the annual meeting/conference

Section 9.3 - Resignations
Board members must submit a letter of resignation to the Executive Board.

Section 9.4 - Removal of Representative/Board Member
a. Any Board member may be removed from office, with or without cause, upon an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the entire Board at a duly constituted Board meeting
b. Upon such removal, the President will appoint a replacement for the duration of the term with Executive Board approval

Section 9.5 - Vacancies
Any vacancy on the Executive Board may be filled by a majority vote of the Board. The newly elected member shall serve the remainder of the term.

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